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about Pandaravadai

Pandaravadai is one of the major villages of Papanasam taluk, Thanjavur dist., Tamil Nadu, India with a population of about 10000.

      It is situated on the highway between Thanjavur and Kumbakonam, 22 km from Thanjavur and 18 km from Kumbakonam. Majority of its residents are Muslims and Dalits, while Hindus live in Koilthevarayampettai, a hamlet of Pandaravadai.

Pandaravadai, Rajagiri, Tamil Nadu, Elevation: 37 m above sea level.

        PAPANASAM (TK)
        Tanjore (Dist)--614204--
     Latitude 10° 54′ 54.62″ N Longitude 79° 14′ 18.17″ E

       Pandaravadai Railway Station is Located in Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur, Papanasam. 
It belongs to Southern Railway, Tiruchchirapali. 
Neighbourhood Stations are Papanasam,Sundaraprmlkoil, 
Near By major Railway Station is Tiruchchirapali and 
Airport is Civil Airport .Tiruchirapalli Airport/TRZ  63 km To Pandaravadai.

Pandaravadai have 6 Ward.& Pandaravadai President name:

                                         1,K.P.MOHAMED HUSSAIN(1952-1953)
                                         2,A.P.MOHAMED KASSIM(1953-1965)
                                         3,N.K.MOHAMED HUSSAIN(1965-1970)
                                         4,S.A.MEERAAN MYDEEN(1970-1978)
                                         5,K.G.ABDUL VAHAAB(1978-1990)
                                         7,E.K.P.FOWJIYA JAWAHAR(1996-2001)
                                         8,M.SAMSAATH MUTHALEEF(2001-2006)
                                         9,P.M.ABDUL MUTHALEEF(2006-2010)
                                        10,H.MOHAMED KASSIM(2010-2011)
                                        11,M.KAMARU ZAMAN(2011-2017) 
                                        12, No election (2017-2019.... still)
                            (News Updated By-SharfuDin-9944001323)

      We are predominantly agriculture based, whereas a few are doing business either in our country or in foreign countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore. A sizable population of our people took up jobs in Far East Asia. As the opportunities in these countries diminished, educated younger generation opted for lucrative jobs in the Arabian Gulf countries. Nowadays, every household in our village has at least one person in the Gulf.

       The level of education in our village is comparatively high in spite of absence of a high school as late as a decade ago. In order to fill the gap, we opted for an English-medium school in 1987, which recently blossomed into a higher secondary school, named Crescent Matric. Higher Secondary School. This school is being run by the management of our big mosque. Besides, we have a higher elementary school for boys, an elementary school for girls, both under the control of panchayat union, and a government aided elementary school.

      The very fact that we have a well equipped public library for the past 60 years, run purely on the philanthropy of our people, speaks volumes of our level of literacy. We have a very fine means of transportation, by road as well as by rail. Buses are plying every 10 minutes on either direction. In addition, we have a fleet of about 25 private owned taxis and a lot of auto rickshaws.

      Existence of six mosques and four temples in our village indicates how much we are devoted to God. Needless to say, our adoption to the religion of our choice never stood in the way of our cordial relations with people of other religions. Absence of any communal flare-up will amply prove this point. You are always welcome to our village, Pandaravadai, a village of very high traditions.

      Pandaravadai is a Village in Papanasam Taluk in Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu State in India . Pandaravadai is 4.5 km distance from its Taluk Main Town Papanasam . Pandaravadai is 16.9 km distance from its District Main City Thanjavur . And 263 km distance from its State Main City Chennai . .

Other villages in Papanasam Taluk are Papanasam , Adhanur , Alavandipuram , Eachangudi , Ganapathiagraharam , Gopurajapuram , … . .

Near By Villages of this Village with distance are Sarukkai(2.6 k.m.) ,Vadakku Mangudi(2.9 k.m.) ,Ullikadai(3 k.m.) ,Thiruvaiyathukudi(3.2 k.m.) ,Serumakkanallur(3.8 k.m.) ,. Near By towns are Papanasam(4.5 k.m.) ,Thanjavur(16.6 k.m.) ,Thiruvaiyaru(18 k.m.) ,Ammapettai(18.1 k.m.) ,

Pandaravadai Pin Code is 614204 and Post office name is . Other villages in ( 614204 , ) are Devarayanpettai , Pandaravadai , .


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